Air Conditioners are all about heat transfer. When your A/C has a dirty coil, it inhibits the transfer of heat, thus driving up your electrical costs. Maintenance of air conditioners is something that will literally PAY YOU in one cooling season. We’ve had customers tell us that their electrical bill on one month went down over 50%  from the last due to us performing some maintenance.  Sometimes it take is a little bit of TLC  and topping off the refrigerant charge to save you hundreds of $$$$

If its been a while since your AC unit has been looked at, it might be time to get us out!

What Happens When Your A/C Becomes Dirty?

What happens when you A/C becomes clogged with dirt and debris? Well… Lots of bad things. Air Conditioners work by using refrigerant to transfer heat. The refrigerant absorbs heat inside your duct work and its converted to a higher temperature in the outside unit. The higher temperature outside in the condenser allows for the heat to be “released” into the outside air. A better way to explain it is the outside air is absorbing the heat from the refrigerant that just got down absorbing it from your house. Its one big refrigeration CYCLE. Heat from the air inside your house is absorbed into the refrigerant, then converted to a high temperature to be released into the air outside. The refrigerant flows back into your house to start the cycle over again.

When your condenser fan runs its pulling dirty outside air through a coil to “release” the heat. When that coil becomes dirty its acts as an insulator, inhibiting the transfer of heat. The end result is loss of capacity and higher pressures both inside and outside in the refrigeration system. This cause the unit to use more electricity and run for longer periods of time. Getting annual maintenance on your AC will keep your coils clean and transferring heat efficiently